Now then, hear me out on this… The very same compression forces that formed the present hydrocarbons from the plant life hundreds of millions of years ago are still very much active today! The oil fields thus act as a “lubricant” so to speak amidst the very real ongoing tectonic interplays. The fault line underneath can move both horizontally and obliquely upwards as a thrust fault and sometimes also, at the same time; creating that upward pressure point at the very top. I sorry to give you the bad news at this time- the Dos Cuadras oil platforms can thus act as a “trigger mechanism” precipitating a major earthquake and perhaps magnifying the quake’s intensity 100-fold. There is no escape from these facts; try as you may to venture forth into the diaspora to dispel your fears. It’s not a question of “if” at this point; it’s simply a matter of “when.”